Emirates Hill Farm

A local beekeeper and the love of honey.  

In 2018 we decided to learn about beekeeping.  We started out with a single hive to understand the process.  Over the years we have grown to managing over 20 hives (and counting).  As our love of bees and honey continues on, we hope to share our delicious honey with you all.  Each season we pull anywhere from 3-6 batches of honey that vary is color, flavor and texture.  You can truly taste the different trees, flowers and plants that are in bloom in every jar.  

Our honey is raw and filtered directly from our hives. 


9 oz honey jar 



16 oz honey jar



22 oz (2lb) honey jar


We supply honey locally with pick up or local drop off.  

No shipping at this time.


Contact: emirateshillfarmpa@gmail.com